Spalding Lines DPS ECML Project


Spalding Lines DPS ECML Project represents the 1970's era of the Spalding area rail network. This project is being completed for the DPS "Deltic" cab simulator and a commercial add-on for the organization. The route starts just outside Peterborough, at Peakirk and heads through Spalding on towards Sleaford. The route itself terminates on the outskirts of Sleaford. The route also features the line from Spalding to March and as such passes through the impressive Whitemoor Marshalling yard. While the terrain is predominately flat due to the route being in the Fens, DEM terrain has been used. The use of DEM terrain has been an important step as like all geographical areas no where is truly flat, and by using this technique Lesto Route Works have managed to capture the true flat landscape of the Fens. Another technique being used in the construction of this route is the use of Aerial photos to aid in the texturing of the landscape. These photos being pasted onto the 4km x 2km base maps specially constructed for this route. These aerial photos allow fast and accurate replication of field textures and placing of many items on the route. The accuracy of the route is being taken down to even making sure trees are placed in the correct place.



• Double track lines

• Sidings with configurable multi industries

• Whitemoor Marshalling yard

• Prototypical scenery

Ready to go Driver sessions in a separate download

Route manual with UK style signal box diagrams


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