Merchant Navy Class


The Merchant Navy locomotive as designed in 1938 by the Southern Railways CME Oliver Bulleid, the loco he produced had novel features for British steam locomotives at the time, These features included an enclosed chain driven valve gear in a oil bath, welded steel firebox with thermic siphons, Air-smoothed casing and Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels. While these innovations where unique some other caused problems, so in 1956 British Railways decided to rebuilt the locomotive to a more conventional design. The design included removing the Chain driven valve gear and replacing it with 3 sets of independent Walschaerts valve gear. Elimination of the air smoothed casing, replaced with conventional boiler cladding along the lines of the BR standards.


It is planned to represent all 3 series of the class in the respective livery's and the alterations that they received. Currently only the Rebuilt Merchant Navy locomotive is available for download, this loco is represents the class after rebuilding and prior to the few modifications they received. All the locos in the class will have the following features:

• Custom sound effects created by Tony Weber
• Random numbers and nameplate switching by Eldavo
• Couplestar support for animated couplings
• User definable head codes by ZXR400
• User changeable Name boards
• Cylinder drain cock effects
• Whistle effects
• Safety valve effects
• Twinkles smoke

The current model also includes 3 types of tender fitted with the TIA water treatment system. The original non cut down tender was used on 35020 Bibby Line for the trials of the Rebuilt design.

The Rebuilt Merchant Navy loco has also had a major update with many new parts for the locomotive. These updates include:

• New boiler & firebox
• New cab
• New texture set
• Specular lighting
• New wheel set
• Polygon count reductions on cylinders
• New animation for valve gear
• New twinkles smoke & steam effects
• Animated coupling with custom meshes
• User selectable Head codes & Name boards


*Files currently available*

Rebuilt Merchant Navy Locomotive DLS Link

Rebuilt Merchant Navy Movie

Rebuilt Merchant Navy Manual