BR Class 40


The English Electric Type 4 or more widely known as the Class 40 where built by English Electric from 1950 - 1962, in total 200 locos where built. The class was built in 3 batch's, disk markers, split head code and center head code. The class was originally the pride of the British Railways diesel fleet and where found hauling the crack express trains on the West Coast Main Line and East Anglia. They where soon relegated from the top link duty's as newer more powerful diesel locos where introduced. The class 40 locos operated in most regions of BR except the Western and Southern regions, the majority of the class where based at northern depots. Withdrawals for the class started in the 1970's and finished in 1985. A few where reinstated as departmental locos for a remodeling project at Crewe, these locos where withdrawn by 1987. Out of the class of 200 built only 7 are preserved, included the pioneer of the class D200 (40122). The class have a max speed of 90mph, they are powered by an English Electric 16SVT mk2 engine. Maximum tractive effort is 52,000lb with a continuous rating of 30,000lb.

The class of locomotives is currently still work in progress and as such no details have been finalized.


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