BR Standard 9F

The BR Standard 9f is the last steam loco design by British Railways, its also the only BR Standard design to feature the 2-10-0 wheel arrangement. 251 locos where built between 1954 - 1960, the final locomotive to be built (92220 Evening Star) for the class was also the final steam loco built for BR. Many of the locos built on lasted a few years before being scrapped due to the mass withdrawal of steam power from the rail network. The need for a standard heavy freight loco at first was small due to the large number of Austerity and Big Four designed inherited by BR. The Original proposal for the Heavy Freight standard loco was for a 2-8-2 arrangement with the boiler from the Britannia 7MT. This design was adventual discarded as the 2-8-2 design would have had little benefits of the the already numerous 2-8-0's on the network, and the fast fitted freight that it would have been designed for was not to come about. It was argued by E.S.Cox that a 2-10-0 would be more advantageous as it could haul existing wagon loads faster uphill while keeping the same braking power downhill. It was with this 'faster uphill' argument that the 9F was born. It should be noted though that Cox had originally argued in favor of the 2-8-2 design. The 9F design had to have a new boiler designed although many common parts where used in its construction. The loco is fitted with 5' diameter wheels, these being some 3"-6" larger than existing heavy freight designs. An interesting feature added to the 9F's is the use of smoke deflectors, previous heavy freight designs neglected the need for smoke deflectors, but it was found that they where of benefit even down to 35 - 40mph. On other interesting feature of the 9F is the flangless center driving wheel, it was with this flangless wheel that the 9F's where able to negotiate tight curves. One would assume that one type of tender would have been sufficient for the class of locomotives, but this was not to be the case. The class where fitted with BR1G tenders with a coal capacity of 7tons and 5,000 gallons water capacity. These tenders where almost identical to the BR1A tender except for the fall plate for the cab. The BR1C tender had a capacity of 9 tons of coal and 4725 gallons of water, this tender featured a variant, the BR1B with a coal capacity of 7tons and water capacity of 4725 gallons. The final tender was the BR1F with a coal capacity of 7tons and water capacity of 5625 gallons. The only major modification to the standard design was the double chimney. This draughting improvement was designed by S.O.Ell at Swindon, the design was found to increase drawbar horsepower by nearly 200hp and also had significant savings in coal. The other major design of the 9F was Crosti 9F's. These locos where designed to improve on existing coal and water consumption. The design required a new design of boiler and many changes to the detail design of the existing 9F. The new boiler design of the Crosti 9F's was smaller than the standard 9F's and as such they Crostis had a power rating of 8F. The Crostis where did not give the performance increase expected and as such all where rebuilt with the Crosti apparatus removed.



Currently represented by these models are the BR Standard 9f locos in the later years of their life. They feature minor modifications to the step arrangement on the front, below the smoke box door and a reposition lamp bracket. Also modelled are both live steam and exhaust steam injectors. Also represented are the only 2 named 9f locos, the very last steam loco built by British Railways, 92220 Evening Star and David Shepherd’s preserved 9f 92203 Black Prince, which was named in preservation.

• Custom sound effects created by Tony Weber
• Random numbers and shed code switching by Eldavo
• Bluestar support for animated couplings
• User definable head codes and head code command support Paulhobbs
• Custom cab
• Cylinder drain cock effects
• Whistle effects
• Safety valve effects
• Twinkles smoke
• Animated water filler hatch
• Animated water scoop

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