Bellingstoke Model Railway


Bellingstoke model railway was concived as a concept layout to trial some new ideas in route design and AI control. The layout itself is based on 1950's trackplans of Baisingstoke. One of the main concepts tried on this layout is the use of new folliege scenery items, these new folliege items allow for a lush, verdant landscape. This landscape can help bring a route to life. One of the other concepts trialed is the improved use of ground textures. The majority of textures used on the route are standard built in textures, but they have been manipulated in such away to help bring life to the layout and removed the manotony commonly associated with the textures. The new methods of texturing are most noticable along the trackwork. The route itself has been designed with the AI in mind even with the complicated nature of the trackwork. The signals are placed where possible in a prototypical fashion and with the combination of a Path Rule it allows the AI and the signals to behave in a prototypical fashion. The layout itself is spread over 3 baseboards with one half for the actual 'layout' and the other half for a model railway style fiddle yard.



• Quad track mainline and 3 branch lines

• Sidings with configurable multi industries

• Steam refueling facilities, turntable and sheds

• Run around points at the station

Ready to go Driver sessions in a separate download

Route manual with UK style signal box diagrams


*Files currently available*


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