M&GN Network

The M&GN network is currently one of my biggest undertakings. The project intends to cover the entire M&GN network, this will be a large undertaking and will only commence once the DPS Spalding route is complete. The M&GN route will feature this Spalding route although it will be back dated to the 1950's. The M&GN survived rationalization of the railways in 1923 although representatives of the LMS & LNER joining the operating board. In 1936 the railway finally became part of the LNER, and with it the railway lost a lot of its atmosphere as locomotives and rolling stock was replaced with more common place LNER stock. Currently work has stopped on the route as I explore new techniques to achieve a more realistic looking route, as of such when the route is completed it will differ greatly from the currently released modules that are available on Aurans download station and of this web site.

The files currently available are of the old semi-prototypical route. It has to be noted that these sections do not represent current Lesto Route Works standards.


*Files currently available*

Bourne M&GN joint railway part1 DLS link

Bourne M&GN Essendine Extension DLS link