LNER O4/1 Rod (GCR 8K)


The GCR 8k or more widely know as LNER O4 Rod is a heavy freight locomotive designed by John G. Robinson CME of the Great Central Railway in 1911. The initial design was to haul coal traffic to the new docks at Immingham. The design would go onto become one of the most successful British steam loco designs. The design was chosen by the Railway Operating division (ROD) as the standard heavy freight loco for WW1. This is where the design became known as RODS. A number of O4 Rods where also called up for service in WW2. LNER at their height owned 421 O4 Rod locomotives, the class virtually fulfilled all of the LNER heavy mineral locomotive requirements. At the formation of British Railways 278 O4 Rods where inherited along with 51 O4 rebuilds. The last Belpaire type O4 ROD was withdrawn in February 1966.



Currently represented by these models is the LNER O4/1 Rod with original GCR chimney and Ramsbottom safety valves. The LNER O4/1 Rod with Ross pop safety valves, Doncaster flower pot chimney and relocated whistle. The BR LNER O4/1 is based of the LNER modified O4/1 Rods with 3 tender liveries featured, "British Railways", "Cycling Lion" and "Ferret and Dartboard". The final representations of the O4/1 Rod are 2 of the 13 Rods purchased for the Richmond Vale Mining company in New South Wales, Australia.

The locos and tenders have the following features:

• Custom sound effects created by Tony Weber
• Random numbers and shed code switching by Eldavo
• Bluestar support for animated couplings
• User definable head codes and head code command support Paulhobbs
• Fully animated inside Stephenson's valve gear
• Cylinder drain cock effects
• Whistle effects
• Safety valve effects
• Twinkles smoke
• Animated water filler hatch
• Animated water scoop


*Files currently available*

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LNER O4 Rod Manual

1947 O4/1 shed allocations excel document