GB&L Mainline


The Great Barton & Leston Mainline (GB&L) is a fictional mainline set in the west side of the old BR Eastern region. The route was original a joint line created by the Midland Railway and the Great Central Railway. It later became to be jointly operated by the LNER & LMS companies. Currently the route is still a very much work in progress and as such many of the features are still to be finalized. On feature that will be present in the final route is a fearsome 1in30 climb out of Great Barton. This climb last for 1mile and its necessary for all but the lightest trains to having banking assistance up the climb. The track work for the Great Barton station is based on 1950's track work for Birmingham Snow Hill station.



• Double track mainline for the majority of the route

• Sidings with configurable multi industries

• Steam refueling facilities, turntable and sheds

• Run around points at the stations

Ready to go Driver sessions in a separate download

Route manual with UK style signal box diagrams


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