Branthorpe & Kilderdale Railway


The line was originally opened in 1912 as a secondary mainline linking Branthorpe on the East Coast Mainline with Neighsborough. The entire route was laid in double track, there was some hostility to this stating that the line would not see sufficient traffic to merit double track. At the time of the grouping of the railways to branches had been constructed on the railway, on branch was at Densley Worth and the other at Kilderdale. By this time the traffic on the line was heavy with regular passenger and freight runs along the line. The majority of the freight traffic consisted of coal movements to the Power Station’s nearby Branthorpe, along with this there was a daily general goods service that would bring need supplies to the villages on the line. At the time of nationalization of the railways the line saw a short lived increase in rail traffic before the eventual decline and closure. The line attracted many local rail enthusiasts at the point as an interesting array of motive power was used on the line, it soon became regular to see Jubilees, Black 5’s, Britannia 7MT’s, LMS 8f’s and other locos from around the country. This soon ended with the rapid decrease in rail traffic, in 1962 the passenger service ended on the line. The line was still used for the heavy coal freights until 1972 when this service finally ceased. In 1974 the BKR was setup and the remaining line to Sedgehampton was leased of BR for the operation of the preserved railway. In 1981 The BKR had raised enough money to purchase the line of BR and Kilderdale station. By 1984 a single line was running to Kilderdale with double track for the remainder of the route. Recently the line was between Kilderdale and Sedgehampton was upgraded to double track, this has now safely increased the capacity of the line so 4 passenger services are capable of running at peak times in the summer.



• Double Track throughout the railway

• Sidings with configurable multi industry at Sedgehampton

• Steam refueling facilities, turntable and sheds

• Run around points at all the stations

Connection to the main line

Ready to go Driver sessions in a separate download

Route manual with UK style signal box diagrams for each of the 4 stations

Note: The route uses the Low Poly track pack from HP Trainz if you download both packs then the track should show up in Surveyor/Driver

The Driver sessions uses BR MK1 coaches which are available from this Thread.


*Files currently available*


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